Lauren Rosas To Film A Podcast “Sideshow 210”

Lauren Rosas, an actress, model, singer and composer, has recently announced that she will be filming her very own podcast called “Sideshow 210”. An exciting initiative for Lauren, podcasts are also very popular with audiences of all ages. The artist is planning to have four female leads hosting the podcast which promises to be something spectacular.

Lauren Rosas has previously released several great tracks such as “Cigarettes” (2019), “Circuit Girls” (2020) and “Beautiful” (2020). “Cigarettes” alone has over a hundred thousand listeners on Spotify which is a very successful benchmark. Even earlier she released “Next Ride” with a beautiful clip produced by Revived Ghost and Witz. The clip has over 12K views on YouTube and is a great representation of Lauren’s melodic taste and style.

The artist recently signed with the Record Label Digital Currency LLC, and is currently working on her first studio album Automatic Writing set to release in the summer of 2022. Lauren has great passion for entrepreneurship and highly supports other ladies in that department. She took part in the “The Heart of Hollywood Magazine Launch Party 2021” on September 18th  in support of female film producer and entrepreneur, Giovanna Salas, along with other successful female entrepreneurs.

A strong female character, Lauren Rosas is a rising star. With her podcast and a new album on the way, she has definitely intrigued and built up anticipation for many. 

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