Listen to Nraakors’ New Hit Album “Hoppel Poppel”

The Iowa City rock band Nraakors has hit fans once more with the hit album “Hoppel Poppel.” The tracks will make you fall in love with every tune, nuance, and lyrics, as it whisks you away on an unforgettable journey.

The band effortlessly joins together distinct genres and styles to bring forth an unmatched album for the win. The band’s lead vocals, Gigi Macabre, brings an ever-so-needed theatrical feel to the tracks, boasting an even-more grunge demeanor. With indescribable tunes and powerful lyrics, “Hoppel Poppel” has become an all-time hit favorite among fans and non-fans of the genre.

This 19-track wonder goes to show the effect of a determined and skillful group of artists on the music industry. With the perfect mesh of calm and rowdy, the band is definitely one to keep on your constant radars.