Listen to The Haxan Cloak’s score for new A24/Netflix series ‘BEEF’

Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak, has released his original score for the A24/Netflix series BEEF, which stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong and hit the streaming service today. “To be asked to create the score for BEEF was an absolute gift,” Bobby shares. “[Creator and show runner Sonny Lee] and I, from the first time we met, we just had so many dovetailing interests. We’re around the same age and grew up watching and listening to so many of the same things. When he explained to me the concept for BEEF, and the tone he was going for, what the licensed music was going to be and how that could fit into the style of the score, I was extremely excited. BEEF is music that I’ve wanted to be able to express since I was 14 years old.”

The BEEF score is electronically charged, tense, quirky, and fairly genre-evasive, as Krlic says, “Sonny made it very clear that nothing was off-limits, and to be very free and open with the expression of the music. I didn’t feel tied down to any particular genre, style or instrument, and could be totally impulsive. It was also incredibly rewarding to engineer, produce and play every instrument myself.”

As for the series, here's the one-sentence synopsis: "A road rage incident between two strangers — a failing contractor and an unfulfilled entrepreneur — sparks a feud that brings out their darkest impulses."

Stream the score and check out the trailer for BEEF below.

The Haxan Cloak also scored on Ari Aster's 2019 arty horror movie Midsommar. He also scored Aster's upcoming thriller Beau Is Afraid, which hits in theaters April 21.