Lupe Fiasco Accuses Kendrick Lamar of Biting, TDE Responds


Last week, Kendrick Lamar released the anthemic single, “All the Stars” (featuring SZA), which is from the upcoming Black Panther soundtrack, which the Compton rapper will curate. While many fans rejoiced over K.Dot dropping new music, Lupe Fiasco was not too happy with the single's artwork.

The Chicago rapper went on Twitter and accused the Lamar copying his artwork for his upcoming Drogas Wave album but his cover art for “All the Stars.” In now since-deleted tweets, the Chicago rapper posted the two artworks for comparison.

"Even I admit this is a little too close for comfort," he wrote. "Damn now I guess I need a new album cover...thanx @theblackpanther."

According to Uproxx, Lupe also suggested that Kendrick may have lifted his artwork from Food And Liquor II for his Untitled album and some the imagery from his Tetsuo & Youth project for Damn.

Although Lupe said that he might change his Drogas Wave cover he later changed his mind and reportedly tweeted, "we gone keep it because I made it and it’s dope but I want everybody to mark the date so that y’all don’t retroactively accuse biting K-Dots album art when Wave drops...ok?"

TDE has since responded to Lupe's accusations. TDE President Terrence Henderson, better known as Punch, jumped on twitter and dropped this tweet:

What do you think? Did Kendrick Lamar bite Lupe Fiasco's style? Tell us in the comments below.

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