Machi Unveils “The Maeve Song,” “The Kinessa Song,” and “I’m Staying At Home”

Canadian singer-songwriter, and producer Machi is constantly releasing new music on her YouTube Channel. Recently, she unveiled “The Maeve Song,” “The Kinessa Song,” and “I’m Staying At Home,” 3 fun tracks that incorporate electronic beats and soundscapes with her energetic vocals. 

A hardworking and extremely talented soul, Machi started her career in music with the release of a debut work titled “Princesse De Larmes,” a sophisticated piano-driven track that beautifully showcased her ability at producing some of the most interesting instrumental pieces you’ll ever come across. She creates the kind of songs that you can listen to on repeat for days and not get bored, containing a multitude of layers and interpretations unique to most electro-pop catalogues

Minimalist yet highly impactful, her latest drops all display her passion for sharing dynamic soundtracks that bring the maximum vibes of playfulness and positivity.