Mark Siegel Announces The Release Two Of His Latest New Pop Anthems, “Luckiest” By Jackie Castro And “Hold Me Down” By Jacob Whitesides

The highly demanded music producer and songwriter Mark Siegel announces the release of two new projects he has recently worked on, in the midst of the lockdown triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic: “Luckiest” by Jackie Castro and “Hold Me Down” by Jacob Whitesides.

Mark Siegel has become known for his merit to helping artists hone in their sound and supporting their launch to the top. In this challenging period caused by COVID-19, Mark Siegel has been doing a handful of interviews about what’s going on in the music industry during this pandemic, empowering other musicians, songwriters, and producers to continue creating and pushing out quality content. Adhering to his own advice, Mark has been sweating blood during the last months working with great artists such as Jacob Whitesides, MENNA, Maggie Miles, Tolan Shaw and Jackie Castro.

Taking a closer look at two of his latest joint projects with Jacob Whitesides and Jackie Castro, we have the pleasure to announce the perfect productions of these flawless pop anthems with mesmerizing and deeply moving vocal performances along with catchy, vulnerable, and genre-blending sounds. “Hold Me Down” by Jacob Whitesides is depicting the singer’s signature sound which is made of powerful melodies and lyrics, while Jackie Castro’s “Luckiest” perfectly shows her unbelievably hypnotic vocals and atmospheric instrumentals.

Both of these songs are already bathing in glory, after Mark Siegel paved the path with his professional approach for his proteges Jacob Whitesides and Jackie Castro. It is safe to say now, that we will hear more beautiful songs from these collaborations in the near future.