Marquita Brown Takes A Clear Turn Into A Darker Avenue Of Alt-Rock With “Red Tape And Sugar”

Marquita is not your usual kind of artist who just releases one more pop or Hip-Hop song. She finds pleasure in reaching a broad array of influences in her sound, one that could be described as a dark and soulful kind of alternative rock. 

The American singer-songwriter is once again proving her originality and high skills on her new song “Red Tape & Sugar,” a release that will certainly and exponentially increase her base of listeners, thanks to her unbelievably powerful execution, and unique signature sound.

The South Carolina native has delivered an intoxicating indie vibe that she blends with her sultry and impactful vocals, without forgetting to mention her inspiring lyrics that have made her a solid reputation wherever her music plays. She is fascinated by poetry, and “Red Tape & Sugar” is the ideal song to get to know her unique artistry and fiery music.