Matt Tanner Releases Stunning Visuals For Hit Single “Josephine”

Country-rock singer Matt Tanner, based in New Jersey, just released a stunning music video for his award winning Hit song “Josephine”. The singer/songwriter does not disappoint with the release of the visuals for his song and proves once again how iconic he is in the country-rock music scene. The video showcases a young couple trying to escape from the police and more symbolically from their demons. The brilliant storyteller that is Matt Tanner offers the audience a beautiful tragic scenario put on screen with great mastery.  The music blends country, rock and blues highlighted with fine artistry by Matt Tanner’s deep and beautiful voice. Look forward to hearing more from Matt Tanner who, it seems, isn’t planning on stopping to surprise us anytime soon.

Have a look for yourself below and keep an eye on Matt’s Instagram for the next piece of his story.