Megan Thee Stallion Decided To "Drive The Boat" In Nicki Minaj’s Place

It all went down on Instagram Live.

The "Hot Girl Summer" video shoot looked as if it was a turn-up sesh as Megan Thee Stallion and gifted fans with another epic Instagram session. We previously reported that the rapper's fellow collaborator shared a photo on social media showing himself getting pampered and confirming that they were filming the forthcoming visual were Megan and Nicki who showed up on Instagram Live with matching, bright red-orange hair.

Fans have been harassing Nicki about "driving the boat," an expression that widely means taking a shot of D'usse to the head, but at this point could include any alcoholic beverage. The "Megatron"  about her sea captain duties, and while together on Live, Megan couldn't convince Nicki to test out her boat driving skills, either.

"Imma make her drive the boat eventually," Megan said. Nicki replied, "Who came two hours over here? And I be gettin' motion sickness. Who came two hours over here for Stallion." Hesitantly, Megan said, "She did a lot so I'm gonna swallow my pride and drive the boat for Nicki. I have to drive the boat for the Barbie." An enthusiastic as she poured Moscato down Megan's throat.

The ladies went on to fawn over as they talked about their rap skills and what keeps their men coming back for more. Check it all out below as you swipe through.