Metal Discovery: Bones – “Face It”

Hip-Hop took over the music industry. Undoubtedly, the 21st-century’s music scene is all about hip-hop and for artists, it became harder to survive in other genres. Of course, pop and its sub-genres are flourishing as always, but for any underground genre besides rap, times are not easy. Remember the last time you've heard of a new metal artist. Was it even in this century? The underground metal phenomenon Bones readjusts the situation. 

With his release "Face It," the artist brings a brand new metal sound to the entire music scene. He creates his own signature sound and breaths its freshness into the metal genre, and his solo debut sounds epic. It is evident that the artist is a risk-taker and loves to experiment. His nature makes us hope that we'll hear more intriguing stuff from him shortly. 

Bones released "Face It" through his own Bones Music label and UMG Spinnup, which gave him the creative freedom that audiences look for. The song has the underground psychedelic metal sound so familiar to the artist's fans. Bones went as far as experimenting with rap and trap while mixing them into his metal madness.