Michael Blackson Roasts The Hell Out Of 50 Cent Over Alleged Strip Club Debt

Michael Blackson refuses to pay up.

Michael Blackson is the . Now, we see how this ends is nearly all scenarios. attacks someone on social media until they pay up. It's worked on a few people but not all. He's still in a who he claims owes him money. He's also still on 's neck about . However, Michael Blackson, who admittedly took money from Fif, is putting his foot down on 50 Cent's demand for cash.

Michael Blackson took to Instagram to let off a few clips on 50 Cent. After 50 Cent clowned his ability to read and write, Fif continued to put Michael Blackson on blast. The comedian has now responded, reminding Fif that "no matter how much money you have, you'll always be 50 Cent." As he stands next to a toilet, he lets off a bunch of jokes at 50 Cent's expense before firmly standing his ground.

"I'm shooting this video next to a toilet because you're full of shit," he said. "I thought you was my n***a. I came to the strip club to show love. You dap me, I dap you. We poppin' bottles -- you gave me two bottles of Ace Of Spades. Give me some money, I throw at the stripper. She tell me she's going to swallow my children through her throat. Four days later, you want money back."

He added, "The average n***a has three days to request his money back or it's no longer a loan, it's a gift."

Peep the clip below.