Neo-Classical Composer Michele Garruti Returns With New Album Glitch

Neo-classical composer Michele Garruti returns with a latest album, Glitch. It is quite rare to call a work by an artist who is still among us a masterpiece, but in the case of Michele Garruti, that is no exaggeration. The mastery of his composing talent is crisp and clear, which contrasts with his actual style of music, that is often described as atmospheric, glitchy, and often incorporating electronically produced effects. He is a pioneer of the genre, pushing the limits in each of his compositions to translate with the most bursting sincerity his initial visions to sound and feelings.

From “Ripples” to “Floating Souls,” and from “Siblings” to “Mom,” Garruti revisits his past memories, experiences, and events that made him the man and artist he is today. A moving collection of emotions that interestingly, reveal themselves in such a beautiful and intimate light that it becomes universally relatable to the general public, Glitch is a masterpiece.