Niall Horan Plays Performs on Tonight Show Home Edition

Even though they couldn't be in the same room together due to social distancing, Jimmy Fallon and Niall Horan found a way to make their Zoom chat feel homey on Wednesday night (March 25) when the singer video chatted in from his London apartment to play a song and some games on the latest episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

Niall told Fallon he's been hanging out at his piano writing new songs during his social distancing period due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (the conversation begins at the 7:45 mark). "Definitely finding it relatively hard to get motivated when all I can do is sit in my living room," Horan said adding that in addition to penning fresh tunes, he's been cooking for himself and going for 5K runs on his own in the park, despite his bad knees.

Fallon asked Niall to play the popular Quarantine Nickname game, which consists of your current feeling and the last thing you ate, which in Horan's case turned out to perfectly match Fallon's mood: Happy Salmon. Though he's excited his Earthquake Weather album is out and doing well, Horan admitted to being bummed that the big plans he had for touring and promoting his second solo effort -- including a scheduled St. Patrick's Day show on The Today Show -- had been shelved due to the global pandemic.

Instead, he's been doing Instagram Live shows for 50,000 fans almost nightly and "doing what I don't normally do but something different, kind of like what you're doing from home," he said. The pair also bonded over their love of golf, with Horan showing off his skills juggling a golf ball on his club and hitting his practice putting green, which consists of a roll of toilet paper at the end of a hallway.

Horan also plugged the charity he's promoting during these uncertain times, Meals on Wheels, with a special shout out encouraging viewers to the help the elderly during this time when they are forced to stay indoors and are even more isolated than usual. The singer came back later in the show to play a deep track from the album, "Dear Patience," (at the 18:20 mark) a touching ballad he said was super relevant now because we could all use a little patience in these trying times.

Watch Horan on The Tonight Show below.