“No One Compares” By Elisa is a Definite Must-Listen!

The singer-songwriter, multi-talented artist, and entrepreneur Elisa have just added another success to her rap sheet. Her new single titled “No One Compares” features the melodic vocals of Outlaw jacc and her personal touch of class and simplicity. The track was splendidly recorded to bring forth a smooth mesh of electro/R&B. The undeniable energy between the two artists is what made the track such a great success.

The single is perfectly balanced off with Elisa’s poignant voice and Outlaw jacc’s energetic vocal movements. As listeners will be met with feelings of calmness and chaos, the duo unveil their unmatched talents to wow the crowds.

Elisa’s background contains plenty of performances worldwide, such as in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Greece, Germany, and Italy. However, her most memorable experience to this day remains to be her tour with Mary J. Blige. While music is what she praises for being her greatest outlet, the artist is not just known for that. Owning and operating three brands along with a successful music career on the way, Elisa is sure to make it through the roof!