‘Not Shy’: ITZY Commit Crimes in the Name of Dessert

It’z going down. They’re yelling ITZY.

Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna – the sweet angels of ITZY, JYP Entertainment’s relatively brand new “WANNABE” girl group – are back with an end-of-summer banger on Monday (August 17) in the form of “Not Shy,” the lead single and title track of their brand new mini-album.

And much like the bulk of their output, ITZY are feeling themselves on their latest confident comeback, co-penned by songwriter Charlotte Wilson, earattack, Kobee and the “When We Disco” crooner and label boss J.Y. Park himself.

The general concept of this Wild Wild Western-themed visual for “Not Shy” is, uh…the girls-turned-outlaws recklessly and aggressively pursuing an ice cream truck driver in a high speed chase, holding him up with guns (!), abandoning him on the side of the road, and then doing a little dance and indulging in sweet treats on ice in celebration.

Why commit literal highway robbery? Because they’re not shy! And you know what they deserve? Dessert! The enduring cultural impact of DJ HYO.

The catchy cut doesn’t exactly reinvent the K-pop wheel, but here’s the thing: much like “AYO, GG,” “2NE1…” or “BLACKPINK!” before them, any girl group that gives themselves a pat on the back in song always makes the moment that much more hype – and the “ITZAAYYYYYY” call-out throughout “Not Shy” genuinely makes this track.

The feisty and rebellious girl group attitude only extends further throughout the mini, including their rebel yell follow-up “Don’t Give a What” (there’s also a “strike, strike a pose” bridge!), the rallying cry of “iD,” and their bouncy, chant-filled anthem “Louder,” which sort of sounds like the pre-chorus of Britney‘s “Trouble For Me.”

Get into it, but please, have something sweet prepared as an offering when the girls show up at your door and hold you and your loved ones up at gunpoint.

ITZY’s Not Shy comes in a variety of physical formats with different artwork and items included, including A Version, B Version and C Version – or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go with the Random Version.

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