Pariz Noir Releases Latest Dark R&B Single – “Save Yourself”

R&B singer-songwriter Pariz Noir has just unveiled her latest project, the single “Save Yourself.” She unleashes her rebellious nature through a thoughtfully constructed Dark R&B sound, in perfect harmony with her hauntingly beautiful vocals. Of Colombian descent, she now lives in Miami, Florida. 

“Save Yourself” sees the promising singer-songwriter talk about a time when a girl she knew was deeply in love with her, but the timing wasn’t just right for both to connect on the long run. As the universal quality of her story might touch thousands of fans and listeners, who at some point in their lives, have experienced a similar story, Pariz Noir shows her songwriting and storytelling skills in a new light. Always graceful and never straining for effect, her music is as transportative as it is challenging to the core. She has shared to be working on her new EP, until then, make sure to stream her latest single.