Philadelphia Suspends Arrests For Non-Violent Crimes

The City of Philadelphia announced on Tuesday (March 17) that police will hold off on detaining individuals suspected of certain non-violent crimes.

In a polarizing move, the City of Philadelphia announced on Tuesday (March 17) that they've suspended arrests for a handful of non-violent crimes. The decision comes as a response to the coronavirus mandates that have been implemented over the last few days nationwide. and listed what crimes will now be exempt from arrest, however, just because an offender isn't taken into custody during this COVID-19 lockdown doesn't mean a warrant won't be issued in the future.

Philadelphia Suspends Arrests For Non-Violent Crimes
William Thomas Cain / Stringer / Getty Images

The statements reads: "Arrests for certain non-violent offenses will be made pursuant to an Arrest Warrant, which will be served at a later date. This means that at a detective division, will now be temporarily detained for the purpose of confirming identity, as well as completion of required paperwork. At a later date, that person will be arrested pursuant to an Arrest Warrant."

The crimes that get a temporary pass include narcotics, theft from persons, theft from auto, retail theft, burglary, vandalism, stolen auto, all bench warrants, economic crimes, and prostitution. Unsurprisingly, this decision has caused some Philadelphia citizens to panic, while residents of major cities across the United States worry that their police departments will follow suit. Do you think this is a wise move?