Pistol At Dawn Uplift and Energize Audiences On New Hard Rock Album

Pistols at Dawn continue their journey in hard-rock music with the release of three majestic singles and lyric videos titled “All You Offer,” “Gauntlet,” and “Cold,” all listed on their latest self-titled album. Pistols At Dawn’s signature music is made of high energy and uplifting chord progressions, always sharing what the best of hard-rock songs should sound like in 2020.

Perfect for live performances and epic concerts, “All You Offer” is one of the most complete and energizing tracks they have released so far, as listeners will be amazed to also discover and explore the multi-layered poetry contained behind every word of the track. “Cold” and “Gauntlet” are both intense, dark, and mysterious, and yet bring in the exact dose of sonic heat we seek when listening to a hard-rock track.