Playboi Carti Unleashed Pure Sass During Arrest

Playboi Carti had little interest in befriending his arresting officer, though he did seem interested in studying the man's family tree.

's music has always expressed a palpable sense of defiance against tradition and authority alike, and it would appear that quality stems from a genuine place. You may recall that the elusive Die Lit artist found himself taken in by  on drug and gun charges, though he was ultimately released from custody that same day. As TMZ has since reported, it would appear that Carti's attitude during the entire process was nothing short of sassy, with him firing off merciless shots at the arresting officer. 

Playboi Carti Unleashed Pure Sass During Arrest

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

According to the police report, Carti had a "bad attitude" from the jump, with him taking on a nihilistic approach and imploring the officer to take him to jail. After cops searched his vehicle and found two handguns, weed, codeine, Xanax, and oxycodone, Carti told one of the officers that he "fucked his daughter," not to mention ogled his wife in the process. He also expressed disinterest in his own vehicle, taking solace in the fact that he could simply buy another should anything come to happen. 

Though Carti was ultimately booked on having expired tags and possessing fewer than one once of marijuana, the companion he was traveling with ultimately It's unclear as to whether a better attitude would have swayed the course of the encounter, but rappers and police are destined to forever butt heads until the end of time and that is unlikely to ever change.