Pnpmar’s New Album ‘For The Culture’ Delivers a List of Fire Tracks

Serving fans with ultimate urban beats and powerful lyrics, the Philadelphia-born artist Pnpmar conveys the right amount of swag to set him apart from the crowd. An R&B and rap enthusiast, the talented artist, skillfully merges the crossways between the two genres. 

Pnpmar is known to transport musical inspiration to his fans through his songs, as he boasts unique ideas and storytelling expertise. With intense beats and lyrics, his songs push fans to find the hidden meaning behind every song.

The new album “For The Culture” displays the ultimate collection of songs packed with plenty of emotions. The artist carefully includes a variety of tracks perfectly fitting a myriad of moods. With tracks such as “2 Tone” portraying a more relaxed vibe and “Bounce” offering an uplifting and energetic vibe, the artist is sure to satisfy many tastes.

By writing poems early on as a coping mechanism, Pnpmar relies heavily on his personal experiences and stories to deliver hard-hitting songs. After recreating cover songs for famous artists such as Drake, he decided to take a chance on his talents and release his music at 17. Keep your alarms on high for Pnpmar’s creations and upcoming projects.