Police Respond To Call Of 4 Men With Assault Rifles To Find Rapper Filming Music Video

He ended up at the wrong house.

Officers in the city of Southlake, Texas believed they were in for trouble after receiving a call about four men brandishing assault rifles in front of a home. In the wake of the  and the , the Southlake police weren't taking any chances when they came upon the location.

When they arrived, officers didn't find any crazed gunmen. The four gentlemen were more than cooperative with police and according to the Southlake Police Department's Facebook Page, . Upon investigation, police realized that the bullet-proof vests the men were wearing were fake, the guns they were toting were air-soft duplicates, and the bricks of white powder they were holding were nothing more than packages of sugar. The group admitted that they were just filming a rap video.

Somehow they took a wrong turn and ended up at the incorrect location, prompting neighbors to call the authorities. "This was a great job of the citizens following officer commands, keeping a cool head, and understanding why we showed up in the first place," the Southlake Police Department wrote. "Our officers also should be commended for their attention to detail, excellent training, and meticulous investigating."

They also warned citizens to "be smart" and not to play around with such realistic-looking toys in public.