Raquel Kiaraa Releases Atmospheric New Single And Visuals “Release Me”

Singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa has just unveiled her new single, “Release Me,” accompanied by gorgeous visuals that bring the adequate imagery to the song. After the hit single “Dear Jesus,” Raquel Kiaraa continues her speedy rise to the top with a pop song that will undoubtedly find its audience. Her performing skills are remarkable but what strikes even more is the profound depth she displays through her songwriting. In “Release Me,” she voices the prayers of so many people, asking to be released from the dark times humanity has been facing, especially this past year. She englobes the whole spectrum of human emotions in her music, a complete reflection of who she is. Inspired by Leonard Cohen to embark on her musical path, her voice has been often compared to that of Sia and Enya. 

Her debut single, "Scorpio," was released in 2020, a record featured on worldwide radios. Later on, she released "Love to the Moon," a single that was used in brands’ stores including Natan, Mcdonalds, Shakeaway and Helly Hansen.