REGALJASON Blesses Us With His Latest Music Video For “ALREADY WON”

The extraordinary artist REGALJASON mesmerizes fans with a magnificent new track, another teaser from his upcoming album Megafauna. “ALREADY WON” is a piece that is beyond words inspirational and illustrates the artist's experience with digital creation as yet another jewel to be treasured by humanity. 

“ALREADY WON” presents an outstanding musical composition loaded with powerful percussion and the artist's gorgeous voice, elevating experimental pop to new heights. The music video was filmed in the Panamanian rainforest, with REGALJASON free-falling from a cliff and emerging unhurt on a golden beach: a metaphor for all the ups and downs REGAL has experienced on his road to self-realization.

As someone who has lived in multiple cities and has seen both the good and the terrible sides of city life, REGALJASON is clearly distinguishing himself as an artist who embraces music and defies the boundaries in surprising ways.

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