Ren Claire Unveils A Sublime 2-Track EP Titled Refreshing

After “Persevere,” Ren Claire returns with a sublime 2-track EP titled Refreshing. Listing “Tight Rope” and “Refresh Me,” Refreshing displays Ren Claire’s unmatchable vocal gift to the world with a dominating confidence and grace. From start to finish, the listener gets hypnotized by Ren Claire’s gorgeous energy and inspiring lyrics. 

The South Carolina-based artist Ren is also an instrumentalist who has played the cello since 5th grade. She lists Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Nirvana, Daft Punk, and Linkin Park as her main influences in music. Her strong penchant for creating music revolving around pop-rock and alt-rock combined with her incredible voice will make audiences fall in love with her songs in no time!

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