Ristlynn Is Smashing With “I’m Going Down”

Ristlynn is inviting fans on a new adventure with his track “I'm Going Down.”

Ristlynn’s new track is boasting top-tier musicality. He joins sultry synths with his relatable lyrics and vocals to produce mesmerizing tracks. The new track pushes organic sounds that detail a unique sense of style to his already growing sound. It features a calming beat that is further described with impressive string pads entered into a mesmerizing vocal creation.

The alluring track is also introduced with a matching music video. The scenes are rather beguiling and interesting, as the artist is seen making it down the road on a skateboard with a bunch of his friends and playing the guitar. breakdown of the track only adds intrigue to an already interesting image.

His flexible beats and emotive harmonies are prepared with minimal percussion sparing plenty of space for his vocals to shine.

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