Sacha Baron Cohen Teases Epic Political Trolling In "Who Is America" Segment

Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has been teasing his new series with Showtime for almost two weeks now. On July 4th, Cohen took to social media to tease the project with footage featuring Donald Trump. The footage, which was recorded when Cohen was filming The Dictator, featured Trump making disparaging comments about the comedian. “He ought to be fired immediately. Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school. Learn about being funny. You don’t know shit," stated Trump. That was only the beginning. 

In the days since the Trump teaser was released, conservative politicians have revealed that they were tricked into faux interviews with Cohen recently. Both Sarah Palin and Roy Moore expressed anger and frustration with Cohen for trolling them, and their segments will undoubtedly be featured in his new series. A new first look segment for the series hints that there will be more trolling in the future for conservatives as Cohen interviews gun rights advocate Philip Van Cleave. Entitled Who Is America?, the new series will take a comedic look at American politics today. Since Republicans run the House and the Senate, as well as the White House, it is expected that Cohen will be more focused on the right-winged politicians. Who Is America? premieres tonight (July 15) at 10 PM ET/PT only on Showtime.