Samual Cochrane Embarks On A New Journey With The Release Of His Debut Album, Drowning In Fire

Multi-talented and highly successful musician Samual Cochrane, just released his most creative and emotionally gravitating debut album called Drowning In Fire. The album seeks the wonders of music and attempts to tie the bonds of unity closer together. The Toronto-based artist began his musical journey ever since he could walk, when he would shuffle through his dad's ancient albums and ask him to play it for him.  

If you're lucky enough to hear Cochrane’s album, you will find yourself in a sudden fascination with how effortlessly the artist has the ability to convey real life messages. His deep sensitivity and connection to music brings out creativity and intrinsicity to those who delve in. His polished verses and velvety vocals will bring out your emotions and create a sense of unity.

The album carried the message of bringing a greater connection with one’s deeper self.

Listen to Drowning In Fire below!