Sean Kongery is one of the most promising young artists putting music out right now. Starting from 11 years old, he's already begun to leave his mark on the electronic music community, and with every release, we see more and more what he is capable of.

Sean’s new chillwave single "Leave That Way" came out this May, on. It's a powerful, glitchy, and supremely bouncy track. The bass is heavy and the synth work is so crisp and clean that it begs to be played on a more tuned, club-ready system. The chopped vocal style fits well with the equally chopped up rhythm, giving it an even more bouncy feel than it would normally have, clearly noticeable in the parts of the song without the vocals. It’s a testament to how astutely Sean was able to construct the project and the way it all fit together.

Listen to “Leave That Way” below right now!