Seekay Collaborates With Chloe & Introduces His New Single ”Hold”

Seekay, the composer and producer, introduced his brand new single ‘Hold’ where he collaborated with the singer Chloe. 

This smooth fusion of ambient and chill pop sounds was actually quite a huge surprise for us as we weren’t expecting such evolution from Seekay. His previous releases, evenly good though, were harsher, and faster-paced. Seekay is notably known for his signature sound, check out his 2019 releases ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Candlelight,’ as he experiments with mixing various genres and has an unapologetically crafty approach to his composition. 

‘Hold,’ with it’s chill atmosphere, is a universal track that can become suitable for almost every taste - techno, ambient, pop, edm lovers will be satisfied with all the song’s segments. Seekay’s release emerges as the tune of the month, as we can stop replaying it because of its calming vibe and zoning mood. Make sure to press play above, and follow him on Spotify