Shaggy Marvels At Blueface’s Tome-Sized "Little Black Book"

Blueface probably hit a few ladies with the "It Wasn't Me."

knows a thing or two about moving in silence. When a close friend was caught mid-affair, Shaggy was there to provide guidance. Since then, his word has become nothing short of bond. Today, TMZ took a moment to connect with the reggae icon during an impromptu meet-and-greet, and for whatever reason, decided that Blueface's recently unearthed sexcapades were a worthwhile line of questioning. Should you be unaware of how deep Blueface's hedonistic demeanor runs, look to his interview with Big Boy TV, .

 Blueface seemed rather proud of his tome-sized "little black book." Not to mention, he claimed the number climbed during a six-month window, which means he was having sex with an approximated one hundred and sixty-six women every month. Never tell him the odds; especially not STD statistics. Upon hearing about Blueface's sheer volume, Shaggy aka Mr. Lover couldn't help but crack a smile - after all, he did once go by "Mr. Lover."

"He's a happy guy I would think," replies Shaggy. When asked for any advice from an OG, Shaggy offers a bit of sage wisdom. "Use protection," he says. As for kids, Shaggy thinks Blueface will be more than equipped for the emergence of a potential secret love-child. "He's making money, he's good."