Ski Mask The Slump God Switches Up His Style In New Snippet

Ski Mask The Slump God has been busy this year. He's released features all over and is doubtless dealing with the emotional fallout of the death of his collaborator and friend XXXTentacion (Ski Mask released the first posthumous X track, "BAD!"). He's also released his own EP, a mixtape/album called Beware the Book of Eli and now a snippet of a new song. 

The Slump God unveiled a little clip in his Instagram story of what looks like a carpet with some tangled chords on it–or, a studio–flooded with purple light and the song playing in the background. The song itself sounds more like Juice WRLD or XXXtentacion, who are both close to Ski Mask; maybe their styles are rubbing off. 

Ski Mask's flow is choppy and exact (he almost never extends words longer than he needs to) and it's also what he's known for. Even though he doesn't dete from his signature style very much, he does manage to stretch words and syllables back-and-forth like dough. This new snippet, though, is a departure. It's sing-songy and includes, as a refrain, a drawn out "suuuiiciiiiide."

Is this the future of Ski Mask The Slump God? If so, is that a good thing? Decide for yourself.