Stream LA hardcore band More To Pride’s first EP in 18 years

LA band More To Pride made a mark on the hardcore scene with their 2005 debut EP This Is Life and shared bills with bands like Internal Affairs, Ceremony, Mental, and more, but then they broke up just one year later. Over the years, their profile has risen and they've influenced other bands (including Rotting Out), and eventually they reunited to play Sound and Fury in 2017, as vocalist Richard De La Vega discussed in a recent interview with No Echo:

We really have to give it up to Riley and Martin that run Sound and Fury, Xavier and Nate from S.O.S Booking. If it wasn't for them hitting us about getting on the bill that they set up we would never have realized people were still interested in us. So big shout out to Sound and Fury and S.O.S Booking for reminding us that people still give a shit!

I think it was when we played that first For the Children show [in 2021] that we realized that there was a whole new generation of kids that had never seen us play and yet the songs really resonated with them. And I mean, LA Hardcore was largely a very different looking scene before.

Now they're back with new music for the first time in 18 years, a self-titled two-song EP out today via Strife guitarist Andrew Kline's WAR Records, which the band says is a teaser for a new full-length. "The two new songs are just a taste of what you can expect from More To Pride in the future," Richard tells us. "Getting back together and playing shows has ignited a fire for the band, and we cannot wait to get back into the studio to record a new LP." The new songs are great, definitely not just a retread of This Is Life but not some drastic departure either. Check them out below.