Stream Oakland hardcore band Cell Rot’s apocalyptic new EP ‘Slowly Falls Apart’

Oakland hardcore band Cell Rot (who share members with Power Alone and Mass Arrest) debuted in 2018 with their Violent Spirals LP, followed in 2019 with a split with World Peace (who also just dropped a killer LP earlier this month), and now they're set to put out a new six-song EP, Slowly Falls Apart, this Friday (4/2) via Convulse Records (pre-order).

"Our newest record is an exploration of existential neurosis," vocalist Kyle Canyon tells us. "Representations of the apocalypse are always shown as a flash happenings, the push of a button and the worlds over. But we’re not getting the ending we were promised, instead it all just slowly falls apart."

They deliver their dire message through a vessel of harsh, caustic, metallic hardcore, recorded to gnarled perfection by Jack Shirley. Kyle's venomous bark owes as much to black & death metal as it does to hardcore, and the band offer up a pretty wide palette of sounds, from circle-pit-inducing hardcore to stomping metalcore to blasts of grind/powerviolence fury, and more. The whole EP kicks serious ass, as you can hear for yourself right now. We're premiering an early stream of it: