Stream Take Today’s new ska-punk song ft. members of Catbite & Flying Raccoon Suit

Take Today are a punk band from the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area, and we're stoked that they're opening the Philly night of our BrooklynVegan showcases with Catbite, JER, and Teenage Halloween this January. They aren't usually a ska band, but ahead of that ska-centric show, they'll be putting out a new two-song ska single featuring "SKAdiving" (a ska version of their recent single "Skydiving") and a cover of Link 80's classic "Up To The Top." The original "Skydiving" already featured additional vocals by Catbite's Brittany Luna, and this new version features vocals from both Brittany and her Catbite bandmate Tim Hildebrand, plus Flying Raccoon Suit members Andrew Heaton and Brandon Kenyon on horns, and Matamoska's Esteban Flores (who also plays with Catbite) on keys. The Link 80 cover features former Link 80 member (and current Omnigone frontman) Adam Davis.

The full two-song single hits streaming platforms on Friday (12/3), with a cassette release coming in January via Ska Punk International, but we're premiering a stream of "SKAdiving" right now. Here's what vocalist/guitarist Joseph M. Edwards tells us about it:

The entire idea started because of Omnigone’s two different versions of "Stitch in Time." It made me wonder what our music would sound like if we opened up the toolbox a bit and embraced our roots. We all grew up listening to ska punk but really when Joystick dropped their latest album our jaws fell straight to the ground and we immediately felt inspired to try our hand at it. Reaching out to our new friends in the ska community made the entire thing better than we could’ve imagined.

The song genuinely rips, and doesn't just feel like a fun experiment on the side or anything. Both "SKAdiving" and "Skydiving" stand on their own. Listen to "SKAdiving" and compare it to "Skydiving" below.

Take Today's Philly show with Catbite, JER, and Teenage Halloween is January 7 at PhilaMOCA (tickets). We're also presenting Catbite, JER, Teenage Halloween, and Common Sage at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on January 8 (tickets). Both shows go on sale Friday (12/3) at noon.