Sunami, Never Ending Game, Spy, Pain of Truth & more playing BBB/DAZE showcase in NYC

Triple B Records, Streets of Hate, and DAZE Records are teaming up for a two-day showcase in Brooklyn on September 23 & 24 at Monarch (23 Meadow St), and the lineup is stacked. Day one has Sunami, Spy, Age of Apocalypse, Life's Question, Queensway, Downfall, Volcano, Stand Still, Killing Pace, and Burning Lord, and day two has Never Ending Game, Pain of Truth, Restraining Order, Gridiron, Division of Mind, C4, Dead Last, Broken Vow, and End of One. Tickets (single-day and two-day passes) are on sale now.

Watch videos of some of the band playing, below...

Stand Still