A sea of strings swims into view, and the crackle of vinyl reaches out of the mix like tendrils. The tone is tense, urgent, paranoid, and minor-key, interrupted by long exhalations on a major-key chord. There’s no beat, but anyone… Read More

Domenique Dumont

Domenique Dumont’s music has traditionally entailed a game of hide-and-seek, concealing vocals behind layers of reverb and placing the drums right up at the front of the mix, daring the listener to dig to get to the center of it… Read More

PREP – Pictures Of You

Indie Shuffle favourites, PREP, has shared their funky new single, “Pictures Of You.” Anyone familiar with the eclectic ensembles knows what to expect; a groove-laden, synth-pop stunner with an ’80s edge, and that’s exactly what you get with “Pictures Of… Read More