Washed Out

Ernest Greene seemed like he was finally about to turn a corner on 2017’s Mister Mellow. He switched labels, moving from the long-running Seattle indie Sub Pop to the more beat-oriented label Stones Throw, and shapeshifted samples from crate-digger classics,… Read More


Depending on your perspective, indigo can be the first or the last stripe of the rainbow: either the darkness into which all color melts, or the starting point from which the entire spectrum unfolds. London-via-Merseyside producer E.M.M.A. shifts back and… Read More

YATES – End of an Era

Indie electro artist, YATES, was first featured on Indie Shuffle in 2016 with “MERCURY” from his debut EP, Mercury. Fast forward four years and he has finally made a return to our front pages; two of three songs from his… Read More

PREP – Pictures Of You

Indie Shuffle favourites, PREP, has shared their funky new single, “Pictures Of You.” Anyone familiar with the eclectic ensembles knows what to expect; a groove-laden, synth-pop stunner with an ’80s edge, and that’s exactly what you get with “Pictures Of… Read More