RP Boo

One of the many advantages of growing older is that you stop caring so much about what people think of you. This surely goes double for a dance-music legend like RP Boo. Established!, Boo’s fourth full-length for Planet Mu, may… Read More

Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi builds temples out of tone. Throughout the past decade, the prolific Canadian minimalist composer has used repetition, silence, and duration to create secular drone music imbued with feelings of religious reverence. Antiphonals’ soft instrumental palette of Mellotron, synthesizer,… Read More

Space Afrika

What do you do with an ambient album about love? That’s the challenge of Space Afrika’s Honest Labour. Space Afrika are a duo of musicians—Joshua Inyang and Joshua Reid—who both hail from Manchester, though the latter is based in Berlin.… Read More

DJ Seinfeld

“She loves me” are the first words heard on Mirrors, DJ Seinfeld’s first album in four years. It’s a simple yet personal statement, in keeping with the Swedish producer’s love of vocal samples that cut to the quick. But it’s… Read More

Aztec Camera

Roddy Frame’s songwriting feels like an effortless extension of his restless internal monologue. From the career-defining arc of his band Aztec Camera through the many studio albums he’s released under his given name, the starry-eyed songwriter has assembled a vast… Read More

The Bug

Twenty years ago, Kevin Martin was a man obsessed. Week in and week out, he did the rounds at reggae shops across London, flicking through bins of imported 7”s in search of the latest, wildest riddims from Jamaica. Martin’s background… Read More


Indulgence can be its own reward. Take In It for the Money, the wild, careening sophomore set from Supergrass. Flush with success and fresh out of adolescence, the Britpop trio embraced all the new adventures heading their way, a journey… Read More

Bendik Giske

When Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske surfaced on the scene three years ago, he instantly fit in with Oslo’s Smalltown Supersound label. The label’s adventurous, polyglot roster, home to mavericks such as Supersilent and Deathprod, has a long history blurring the… Read More


A decade ago, Chris d’Eon went looking for the archangel Gabriel in the depths of cyberspace. Having recently returned from a year-long stay at an Indian monastery, he was living in a windowless room in Montreal and working in a… Read More