Boy Harsher

Within contemporary post-punk’s revival of dark, austere synth, Boy Harsher stood out with a distinctly modern take on the genre. During the late 2010s, the North Hampton-based duo distilled its stripped-down brand of hypnotic darkwave across releases like Pain and… Read More

DJ Python

Few in the left-field dance circuit have brought reggaetón into the conversation quite the way Brian Piñeyro has. In a field full of DJs making updates to historically American dance genres like house and techno, Piñeyro has used his DJ… Read More


Working backward through Raffaele Martirani’s catalog as Panoram, you might get the impression that he’s an incorrigible trickster. The Roman-born, Brooklyn-based musician’s most recent release was a 7″ of hazy electro-funk and wistful ambient featuring an actual cannabis leaf pressed… Read More

FKA twigs

Pop stars reference crying on the dancefloor with such regularity that you wonder if DJs are out there spinning the audiobook to A Little Life. Last December, apparently unable to resist the temptation, FKA twigs released “Tears in the Club,”… Read More


Burial’s Antidawn opens with a sound so subtle, so instinctive, you might miss it the first half-dozen times: the muted harrumph of a throat being cleared. But no opening line or expository declaration materializes in its wake. Instead, a thousand… Read More


In 2007, Parisian nouveau disco duo Justice turned in 44 minutes of sultry synth-rock for their contribution to Fabric’s hallowed FABRICLIVE DJ mixes. The series had debuted in 2001, borrowing its name from the London venue’s Friday club nights, which… Read More

Katy B

Katy B has spent over 10 years as the Cinderella of UK dance: a winsome anti-diva upon whom listeners project all their clubbing thrills and dreams. But her music was never just about the club. Just as often, she sang… Read More

You’ll Never Get to Heaven

You’ll Never Get to Heaven’s lucid dream-pop rarely coalesces into recognizable shapes. “We are intuitively drawn to music that occupies a space between intimacy and distance,” says Chuck Blazevic, who shares the duo with his partner, the classically trained pianist,… Read More


A sea of strings swims into view, and the crackle of vinyl reaches out of the mix like tendrils. The tone is tense, urgent, paranoid, and minor-key, interrupted by long exhalations on a major-key chord. There’s no beat, but anyone… Read More

JJJJJerome Ellis

JJJJJerome Ellis says, “For me, the stutter is a wild animal, and it is my ongoing practice to follow it where it wants to go.” The multi-instrumentalist, writer, and composer frequently lists “stutterer” among his disciplines, referring to his glottal… Read More