Electronic music at the turn of the millennium was in a pretty laid-back place. Following rave culture’s expansion into chillout rooms and IDM’s home-listening rebuttal to house and techno, a wave of quirky European producers emerged with the shared goal… Read More

Pavel MilyakovYana Pavlova

Over the past five years, the prolific output of Russian electronic producer Pavel Milyakov has hopscotched between genre and mood: four-on-the-floor techno, palatable indie rock, new age ambient, harsh drone, and collaborations that range from Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungtai… Read More

DJ Stingray 313

“This music started around futurism,” Sherard Ingram told DJ Mag back in 2018. He was talking about the type of Detroit electro that Gerald Donald and the late, much-missed James Stinson had synthesized as Drexciya. But Ingram could also have… Read More

Gacha Bakradze

If you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, then Georgian producer Gacha Bakradze is conflicted indeed. Since debuting in 2012 on Apollo Records, the ambient subdivision of electronic giant R&S, he has recorded for… Read More

Channel Tres

As the pandemic creeps into its second year, the minutiae of social interactions begin to feel less familiar. Dinners, hookups, and long drives with unmasked passengers are distant memories. Channel Tres’ i can’t go outside is a hazy recollection of… Read More

Claire Rousay

A hush overtook the room just before claire rousay performed at the small nonprofit arts space Rhizome in Washington, DC last summer. The percussionist sat quietly behind a snare and tom with two microphones placed directly above the drumheads. The… Read More

Martyn Bootyspoon

Under the Lothario-like nom de plume of Martyn Bootyspoon, Montreal’s Jason Voltaire makes sexed-up club music that’s deliberately tongue in cheek. He got his start under the influence of booty house and ghettotech fixtures like DJ Assault and DJ Funk,… Read More

Patawawa – So Late

After slowing the pace a little on their last release, “Forget About It,”the nu-disco trio, Patawawa, get firmly back into the groove on “So Late,” their latest in a string of cast iron, up-tempo floor fillers. The track finds the… Read More

Sonic Boom

Pete Kember has been playing more or less the same song for almost 40 years. It’s built on blues swagger, but slowed down until it sways. It’s informed both lyrically and melodically by minimalism, insisting on simplicity. And though it… Read More