Avalon Emerson

When Avalon Emerson and her girlfriend made a cross-country road trip from Los Angeles to New York this summer, they shot a set of impromptu videos that neatly encapsulate Emerson’s musical choices and mixing style: kinetic, evocative, and deeply personal.… Read More


Depending on your perspective, indigo can be the first or the last stripe of the rainbow: either the darkness into which all color melts, or the starting point from which the entire spectrum unfolds. London-via-Merseyside producer E.M.M.A. shifts back and… Read More

Various Artists

Swedish label YEAR0001 originally made a name for itself with rap-adjacent acts like Sad Boys and Drain Gang, but as its presence has expanded, the experimental Swedish music hub has increasingly bent toward electronic music. The RIFT One compilation—the first… Read More


In the 2018 mini-documentary Let It All Burn, the Moscow duo IC3PEAK are about to play a show in the Russian city of Voronezh when health inspectors and police arrive to shut the venue down on suspicion of food poisoning.… Read More


One unforeseen side effect of the pandemic is that our collective sense of time has been thrown out of whack. The arrow of our days no longer flies true; it moves more like a crinkled paper plane—soaring briefly, plunging without… Read More


For a moment, the image was everywhere: the most famous teenager in music, sticking out her tongue and unfurling a shirt reading “No music on a dead planet.” The specter of climate change haunts modern pop: Billie Eilish and Lana… Read More

DJ Boring

In the fall of 2016, YouTube tastemaker Slav posted a video of a track by someone called DJ Boring. It quickly went viral; currently, it has more than six million views. With its soft pads and acid glow, “Winona” is… Read More