TFMOM Distills Divine Vibes Throughout His New Track “I Don’t Mind (Pink Lemonade)” Feat. Tek Savvy

Striving to offer his best through music, John Hairston, TFMOM, recently released a new track titled "I Don't Mind (Pink Lemonade)" featuring Tek Savvy. The artist is a Christian rapper, DJ, and producer who, staying true to his religious roots, adds spirituality and wisdom to his releases, making EDM sound even more atmospheric. "I Don't Mind (Pink Lemonade)" is one of the three songs "Pink Lemonade OG," "The Ship Of Pink Lemonade," and "I Don't Mind (Pink Lemonade) included in the artist's new collection, The Pink Lemonade EP, released in 2021. The track distills sounds filled with imagination, depth, and creativity, offering an outer-space journey to the audience. TFMOM's music is poetic and metaphoric, addressing universal truths and displaying divine energy.