The Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player Is The Perfect Late Holiday Gift –

With everyone focused on dropping stacks on temporary gadgets and smartphones you know won’t be relevant six months from now, SOHH’s giving you the scoop on why it’s worth dropping some cash on the perfect home tech furnishing in the form the Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player. Peep an unboxing below and some our fave features!

Let’s face it, vinyl records are always going to be around. No matter how much or how many streaming sites we get down with, there’s nothing more vintage and still in production than vinyl records. We had to bust open some fresh hits like Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” and SZA’s “CTRL” both on vinyl – thanks Urban Outfitters – for listening to on the turntable. During the process, we just couldn’t get over some the key factors you gotta appreciate:

1. The $249.99 Price

You just can’t beat the price. While you might consider dropping an extra $50 on a Nintendo Switch, realize how much a lifelong journey you’ll have with the Fluance RT81 High Fidelity vinyl turntable record player. Not only do you get an amazing tech gadget for your living room, but all the nitty gritty things like the turntable mat, the needle and more typically make these types turntables go well into the $400 price range. Want more info on buying your own? Click here!]

2. Quick & Easy Set Up

Just peep below – from cracking it open and plugging and playing, the set-up was super easy. Within minutes you’re going to be ready to spin your favorite vinyl. Want more info on buying your own? Click here!]

3. Perfect Turntable For All Beginners

There’s no reason to lie – people aren’t born with turntables in their hands. Simply said, these are really gadgets our parents and uncles were all about. But with that being said, if you ever wanted to venture into the turntable world, this is the perfect stepping stone. The playback is crisp and once you place your needle/stylus on the record, you can literally kick back and let the music play. Want more info on buying your own? Click here!]

4. It’s Beautiful AF

Simply said? This turntable is gorgeous. The walnut finish really makes it stand out and demand its own placement in your home. This isn’t the type gadget you’d just stack your movies and music on top . At the very least, a cfee table or flat surface is all this work art needs to stand out in your living room. From afar, you can tell the cabinet is crafted with brilliance and as much plays, you don’t have to worry about unexpected vibrations and disruptions. Want more info on buying your own? Click here!]

5. The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

This is the gift to make up for all bad holiday gifts. Whether you went the cheap route or just completely blew the holidays, you can make up for it with a quick stop to Urban Outfitters to pick up a few pieces new vinyl and then grabbing the Fluance turntable. Gift right away or if you have the patience, get a ridiculously early start on Valentine’s Day with this bundle! Want more info on buying your own? Click here!]