The Hotelier albums get new color vinyl reissues (pre-order here)

Back in September of 2020, The Hotelier tweeted that they "probably won’t release a new album until after the rev so if you want it go out there and get it," and since then they've played one show (the Counter Intuitive Records holiday shows in December 2021), of which full-set video (by Feet First Productions) was recently released, and now they've got vinyl reissues on the way via their own Dreams Of Field label. Their 2011 debut LP It Never Goes Out (with the updated artwork from the 2015 reissue) is up for pre-order now on either red or blue vinyl, and their 2016 album Goodness is available as a 2xLP pressing with one blue disc and one orange disc. Pre-order all three new pressings in the BV store. Here are mock-ups of the variants:


We're keeping our fingers crossed that more Hotelier news is on the horizon, but meanwhile, watch the video of their recent set below...