Travis Scott Project Of Unreleased Songs Momentarily Hits Streaming Services

Anyway, stream "Highest In The Room."

Even though gifted us with a banging new track on Friday - - someone still decided to leak a bunch of his music over the weekend. The previously-unreleased songs were posted on streaming services under the name, Zekrom, and bundled together as a project titled, "Astro Universe." This has happened to other artists before, . More recently, , . Using an alternate artist name allows the illegal projects to fly under the radar for a bit, but they are inevitably removed once the Internet starts talking about it and record labels catch on. 

"Astro Universe" included 16 songs,. Another song featured and . While the project has been removed from streaming services, some of the leaks are still floating around the Web. 

Considering that  and , a whole album of leaked tracks is a very untimely inconvenience.