Triple Threat 2Kee Releases Fantastic 25-Track Album Called Motivation

World-class musician 2Kee has once again outdone himself with another classic album titled Motivation, which includes 25 amazingly written songs.

Collection full of diverse genres, Motivation packs everything a 2Kee fan wants from their beloved artist. An expression of his amazing talents as a vocalist, producer, singer and songwriter, the Atlanta-based artist displays all of his creative skills in each varying song that carry his essence, soul and approach to making music. 

The Atlanta-based artist has somewhat of a different taste, background and experience as a musician, having grown up in Liberia and created music at a very young age. 2Kee has been making music by the age of three and started professionally at just 12! Now, his resume extends from collaborating with great artists like Lil Rich & Chaz and Bam Savage, to performing internationally on different stages. 

A versatile artist who looks to experiment with different genres of music, 2Kee has already mastered some of his preferred genres like African pop, hip-hop, soul, reggae and pop. His new album, Motivation, represents 2Kee’s development as an authentic artist and his finest work thus far. The multi-genre album consists of lyrical classics like “Love Hurts” and African inspired dance songs like “All I Want.” Motivation by the brilliant 2Kee is now out and available to purchase and stream on all platforms.

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