Turk NY Shares Two New Hits; “Only A Millie’” & “Meddling”

Turk NY follows-through on his album titled Composure with two latest hits, the singles “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling.” 

The Queens, NY rapper-songwriter does it all, from the beats and production, to the mixing and engineering of the tracks. “Only A Millie’” is a melodic single where the artist talks about his goals to reach a million and he’s not looking back. 

A versatile rapper in perpetual evolution capable of adapting to today’s fast-paced music industry, Turk Ny began his musical journey in 2017, and has since released 2 separate works, the most recent one being Composure, which happens to also be his favorite one. Since then, he has released many singles, and intends to continue sharing his fine artistry with the fans through the coming years.  

He is currently working on his upcoming project “breaking silence” which will be released this summer. His latest single, “Meddling” is a magnificent track that sees the emerging rapper talk about his ambitions, lifestyle, and vision, over a catchy and uplifting sonic design.