Up-and-Coming Singer-Songwriter StevenCharles Shares His Single “Love You Still”

StevenCharles, known for his debut “Stay,” reveals his loyal and romantic side in this last track titled “Love You Still.”  The melancholic tunes and sultry vocals engage the public in a romantic story that depicts a healthy and loyal relationship; a form of love that overcomes all difficulties and struggles.

The Montreal born singer-songwriter manages his time between New York City and Atlanta, where he records his music with his brother. Influenced by Pop, Gospel, and Jazz, StevenCharles is in constant evolution with the way he sounds and he plans to continue to do so by mixing R&B, neo-soul, and funky beats.

StevenCharles would love to work with artists like Alicia Keys, Ty Dolla $ign, and fellow Canadian artists including The Weeknd. One of his biggest inspirations is John Legend and the influence is apparent in his ballad “Love You Still.” He is preparing to drop another one called “My Destination” very soon.

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