Vinyl documentary available on DVD on April 10th | The Music Universe

Nick Mason featured in film

A new fascinating documentary from the makers of Last Shop Standing exploring the renaissance in all things vinyl in The Vinyl Revival. The forty-three film, arriving on DVD on April 10th Wienerworld UK, includes interviews from Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, Radiohead’s Philip Selway, Portishead’s Ade Utley, The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Joel Gion, The Orielles, CASSIA and many more.

The Vinyl Revival charts the amazing revival of vinyl over the past several years. The film explores the whys and hows with industry pundits, artists, record shop owners, vinyl fans and many more.

“The vinyl record is the equivalent of whether you have the tea bag or the Japanese tea ceremony; the tea ceremony is the right way to approach music,” Mason shares.

Directed and produced by Pip Piper, we hear from passionate new record shop owners as well the established die-hards still going and thriving. The film discusses the importance of the record shop and vinyl as a whole. We answer the why’s of vinyl’s revival, the human need for belonging, the love of history and the stories of how the humble little record shop has shaped so many lives.

Record collecting has lost its image as a hobby for middle-aged men and become instead a pursuit of the most fashion-conscious consumer. Will it last? What is the future for record shops when vinyl becomes less fashionable? Why are we in danger of another record shop decline? Why must we support these bastions of culture?

The DVD features an eight page booklet chronicling the making of the film, with contributions from director Pip Piper and author Graham Jones.