Watch Jarvis Cocker dedicate “Pricks are Still Running the World” at Glastonbury to Supreme Court

Jarvis Cocker and his band JARV IS... played Glastonbury on Sunday on the Park Stage, sandwiched in between a surprise Jack White set and stage headliner Courtney Barnett. Included in the set of solo, JARV IS and Pulp songs was Jarvis' 2006 song and Children of Men closing theme, "Running the World." He made a significant lyric change, for a few different reasons, one of them being in response to the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe Vs Wade.

“You might recognise thing song,” Jarvis told the Glastonbury crowd. “We keep trying to stop playing this song and then things happen in the world and we have to keep playing it. But we changed the words the other day because they wouldn’t allow it to be on telly. It seems appropriate to sing this song, and especially with this lyric change. Usually it’s c-words are still running the world. Today we’re changing it to 'pricks' are still running the world. We’re singing it over the Atlantic Ocean because a certain judgement has been made, mainly by men, telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies so this is going to those guys."

You can watch Jarvis perform "Pricks Are Still Running the World" at Glastonbury, along with video of set-closer "House Music All Night Long" and the setlist, below.

More Glastonbury: Phoebe Bridgers joined JAMC and protested the Supreme Court, while Kendrick Lamar, Olivia Rodrigo, and Lorde also had thoughts on the subject.

SETLIST: JARV IS... @ Glastonbury Festival 6/26/2021
She's a Lady
Must I Evolve?
Proceed to the Route
This Is Going to Hurt
"Further Complications."
Sometimes I Am Pharaoh
Cunts Are Still Running the World
House Music All Night Long