Watch John Doe’s Empowering Single & Music Video “Cheguei Pra Ficar”

The production and publishing company John Doe is known for bringing together talents from all over the world to collaborate on unique tracks enriched by multi-cultural and visionary vibes. They launched the concept with the French electro-pop release “c’est la fin du monde,” in 2020, and have now followed-through with yet another incredibly well-built banger, the uplifting single and music video “Cheguei Pra Ficar.” This new song is home to a beautiful blend of samba and baile funk, a noticeable originality in today’s industry, often saturated with mainstream releases. 

John Doe’s is rapidly leaving its mark in the industry with their eclectic approach,  with all efforts made to help listeners across the globe discover new artists. John Doe’s way of contributing to culture, by supporting artistic expression, creation, and artistic freedom in an impactful way. From singers to topliners, beatmakers, songwriters, producers, and sound engineers, all specialties are working toward one same goal and under one same name, John Dow. 

After the incredible success of their debut track, “c’est la fin du monde,” John Doe once more displays the incredible potential of a diverse collective, with a promise to deliver different genres with each track released. 

One common denominator in their two singles released so far is the profound positivity and meaning incorporated either in the songwriting or in the sonic design itself, two elements that allow us to expect a very bright future for the visionary group. 

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